The Five Best Condoms You've Never Tried

There is a huge variety of condoms on the market these days in Canada, everything from textured, to flavored, to extra thin, to desensitizing. Some Canadian customer may find the amount of choices absolutely overwhelming. Perhaps that’s why a lot of Canadians have never tried any condoms other than their trusty old Trojans. Well, we’ve done the research for you and below are 5 of the best condoms on the market you have probably never tried.

best condoms

Crown Skinless Skin: This Japanese condom is produced by a company named Okamoto and it’s renowed for being one of the thinnest and most sensitive condoms available. It’s also super strong, tasteless and odourless. In online reviews, many happy customers say that it’s the best condom they’ve ever used.

Okamoto Beyond Seven: These condoms are made by the same manufacturers as Crown Skinless Skin. They’re also super thin, super strong, odourless and tasteless. These condoms are slightly narrower than the regular. Many purchasers like these condoms due to their snugger fit.

Kimono MicroThin: At a mere 0.049mm, these condoms hold the record for being the thinnest latex condom in Canada. That leaves you with the minimum distance between you and your partner and maximum sensation!

NaturaLamb: IMPORTANT: note that these condoms do NOT offer protection against sextually transmitted diseases. NaturaLamb condoms are made from natural membrane and are latex-free as a result. These premium condoms are well reviewed by customers for their completely natural feel. They are more expensive than latex condoms, but customers simply love them because of how natural they feel.


Durex Performax: Performax condoms help men last longer during sex, by desensitizing the penis and delaying ejaculation. These are great condoms for guys who experience premature ejaculation. Some customers, however, have complained that it works too well and causes the penis to go numb.

Well, there you have it: the five best condoms in Canada according to customer reviews. Now what are you waiting for? Go and experience these condoms for yourself!

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